Peter Todd Scioli

Chef d Cusia

Peter Todd Scioli”s journey into the culinary world began in childhood, inspired by his mother’s passion for Italian baking and cooking. With her guidance, he celebrated everyday meals and holidays with Italian flair; his mother’s kitchen became his first classroom, where he was steeped in the rich traditions of Italy, through the love they shared for family and cooking.

Peter continued pursuing his passion, dedicating himself to rigorous on-the-job training with Touch of Italy.  Refining his talents in their kitchen, he meticulously crafted his distinctive style – “Modern Italian American Cooking.” Peter also embarked on a culinary discovery tour in Italy itself where he could investigate and share recipes and traditions in a rich landscape of Italian  innovators and traditionalists. 

Infused with magnetic charisma, renowned for his signature Bolognese sauce and an innovative spirit, Peter played an instrumental role in elevating Touch of Italy from a singular locale to three coveted coastal dining destinations over an impressive span of 14 years.  Guided by the venerable mentorship of Touch of Italy founder and owner Bob Ciprietti, and Director of Operations Matthew Pfau, Peter harmoniously embraced traditional and time-honored Arthur Avenue, Bronx techniques while fostering collaborations with contemporary chefs, both domestically and internationally. Noteworthy alliances with culinary influencers like renowned Chef Hari Cameron further enriched his culinary repertoire. Peter’s mastery and artistry contributed to Touch of Italy’s successes, securing prestigious awards, notably the distinction of Best Italian Restaurant in Delaware and Maryland.

In his pursuit of culinary excellence, Peter Todd Scioli maintains a delicate equilibrium between classic and modern methodologies, driven by ceaseless exploration and drawing inspiration from daily interactions with guests and fellow collaborators. Beyond the culinary realm, he derives pleasure from the serene allure of the beach, the tranquility of nature, and the cherished bonds of family.

Presently, Peter is immersed in the exploration of advancements in culinary technology and global recipes, aspiring to not only expand Touch of Italy’s brand but also to nurture the next generation of chefs.


Rooted in the principles of simplicity, love, and care, his culinary philosophy stands as a beacon, distinguishing him as a notable luminary in the realm of Italian American cuisine and a cherished figure within the community.

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